All Grown Up!!!!!!!!

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Photo Gallery Devoted to Our Past Pups, A Tribute to GREAT Owners!!

If you feel like your beautiful pup was left out, by all means send me some photos!!

GUS (Dakota) Willow & Tuff

BULLET (Wylla) Willow & Tuff

NASH (Nash) Jessie & Dash

LUCKY LADY (Jayne) Squeak & Tuff

JASPER JACK (Jr) Squeak & Tuff

ECHO (Mystic) Jessie&Dash

JACK (Kip) Squeak & Tuff

CODY (Dante) Diva & Dash

DJANGO (Montana) Willow & Tuff

K-S Steel Blue (Steele) Diva & Dash

TRIP (Thorne) Jess & Dash

LINC (True) Jess & Dash

A Jess & Brady pup (while Jess at Cumberland BC)

JOY (Rayne) Diva/Dash

Lola (Kizzy) a Jess/Dash pup

Izzabelle - A Jess/Tuff Pup

DELLA- Willow/Tuff