Our Border Collies

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Our Dogs

We are a very small Border Collie breeding operation.  We only have a few litters a year.  Border Collies are  a special breed.  This breed is great for kids who are ready for a playmate, but are respectful of animals.  They are very intelligent and loving.  They are like a smart child who needs something to focus on!  In training them, consistancy is key.  They are highly trainable though and you can get them to do pretty much whatever you want them to.  My dogs are herding bred, and agility bred.  There are numerous trial dogs and a few international herding champs in my pedigrees. My puppies also excell in frisbee and agility.  Check out our puppies for sale page for available pups!  When you purchase a border collie pup, remember:  "A mind is a terrible thing to waste!!"   So get some toys and start training them as soon as you take them home!  If you plan to use them on stock, get your basics rock solid!  Sit, down, stay!!!

Chestnut Jess ABCA & AKC

Red & White Female

Kaianne ABCA

Red Merle Female 


Black & White Female

Lazer ABCA

Blue (Brindle) Merle Male


Black & White Male

ABCA Paris

Red/White Tri Female


Blue Merle Female, 2 blue eyes


Blue Merle Female

ABCA Diesel

Black and white Male (Carries Red Gene) 

Two ice blue eyes!!

ABCA Banjo

Red/White Male, 1 blue eye